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I decided to add a directory to my site so that I can list my posts in some kind of categorical manner. This is something I am still in the process of doing so please forgive the disorganization.


Arctic Drilling
Bush Sells Our Forests
Chemical Assault
Mercury and the EPA
Bush's Psuedoscience
FoxNews: What Mercury?
It's Only New Jersey
Mercury Emissions and the EPA
Clean Air Act = 30,000 death/year


Poor Healthcare Worse Then Terrorism
Public health Care vs Private Health Care
The Cuban Medical Industry
$15 Billion for Africa or RX?
Does Conservative Policy Induce Abortions?
Schiavo and the System
Healthcare IS Defense Spending

Other Issues:

Looking Better for Kurds
Judicial Nominees
Snow Job 2005
...Meanwhile at Boeing
Whining About Airbus
Human Decline
Elections In Iraq
Wealth Inequality
Do the Rich Really Need Tax Breaks?
A Collapse of Some Kind
Wall-Mart Rides the Decline
American Future Looks Dim To Me
Jobs are not Us
The Corporate war on Democracy *
the Good Life *
Declining middle-class: Sell cheap in bulk
Social Security - Who's Money is it Anyway?
The World in 100 People
Global Population
The Rwanda Lesson
Guantanamo Bay
No Excuse for Guantanamo
50 Million Deaths
"legalese" by a homophobe
Bush's Stance on Human Rights
Bush Turns Down Katrina Aid from Cuba
Take Control With Alert Services
Two Cents on Freedom
Ubiquitous Shelves Of Robotic Retail
Racist Chain Letter


Bush vs Tyranny in the World
Power and Theories
Who Are the Insurgents?
Election Cartograms
National Security Strategy Part 1
National Security Strategy Part 2
Are Educated Voters Bad for Republicans?
Techno-Evolution - Death to Taxes *
Olympic Yeilds for Large Nations
Ronald Reagan
Funniest Avatar I have Ever Seen
All The Information We Create In One Year
Endless War
Spain: Case Study in Bush-Blair Backfiring
Taking Credit for the Fall of Communism
Current Conflicts
A discussion with some conservative clients
The Pain Merchants
Presidential Matchups
CBS refuses to air advertisment
No News - Good News?
Luminosity of a Future City
Religion Vs. Enlightenment
Intelligent Design In Schools
Inside the Patriot Act
Katrina Blame is Not a Game
  * - extracts from discussions on political forums

Amnesty International