Sunday, January 24, 2010


Well, all you readers, robots and keyword searches, perhaps not so evident to shallow flybys but I haven't been posting much lately. I haven't been happy with the direction of my blog. I think I've been pedaling near the edges of "rant". That last one, (I plan to re-word it) sounds like I'm some dramatic scientist... "I detect..." Who the hell starts off with that kind of opening?

Anyway, I will get back to it because it is a passion of mine but I need more time than I've had lately to sit my ass down and type, which is much less convenient than the time it takes to ponder on the state of affairs as your brushing your teeth.

I'm still here - I keep up but my short time also declines my research, perhaps being the reason for the recent drivel following my piece on Prop 8.

I've been working on a piece that comes from the heart of the metaspective, hope to post it soon.

In the meantime...

Hati ... My thoughts and prayers. Here's a good use of military applications too. Maybe global warming will give us an alternative market for the military other than war.

Marines leave Iraq ... Not sure how this affects me. They're just being moved from one place to another. But I don't get as much as a whiff of any kind of conclusion to the entire forced reconstruction of a sovereign state. It seems we're all expected to get bored and move on.

Conan O'Brien ... whatever.

Droid ... I just got one. Love it. I already wrote an app on the emulator.

Obama ... Nothing like a bi-polar government to dilute the charge of a young president. I still like his messages and his direction, but it takes more than a president to do the things he talks about.

I think we're the deer in the headlights. The two parties have effectively nuetralized the government, in effect paralysing it as what we are unprepared for approaches at high speed. Economic globalization for which the average American is entirely unprepared for. This globalization by the way, seems inevitable to me unless political discords like war can interrupt the free-market. The effects of global warming for which our supply chains are entirely unprepared for is also something to which a government needs to react.

Well, there's the free market, the ride that was fun while we had the money and now that we don't it's a nightmare. Maybe this is where statehood get's pushed aside by the charter, or maybe that's already happened. If in the 20th century, US corporations were able to dictate foreign affairs covertly, without the bold gestures of flags and forts that London's 19th century charters worked with, then why would we assume the extent of corporate power in the 21st century would be obvious in anyway?

Well, more on that later... Oh, and sorry about the state of my website. I know the links aren't working. I'll fix that some time.