Monday, March 30, 2009

WBT Redneck Caller: Black Sense of Privilege

The other day I discovered a true example of genuine southern redneck stupidity when I tuned into WBT in Charlotte on the AM band. They were broadcasting a talk show on which the host and a caller shared some ridiculous perspectives on black people and cigarette tax that's just too good not to post on my blog. Since the two topics are not really related to each other I'll post each discussion on separate entries.

The caller was a 65 year old man who first commented on how “the other day” he was standing in a long line at the grocery store and an “African-American” woman pushed her way to the front and set her things down expecting to just cut in front of the line and that when the woman behind her said something, she turned around and said “you got a problem with it?”. I wasn’t sure where the caller was going with this story until the DJ piped in and asked if he was implying that the woman’s attitude stemmed from a sense of privilege because the president is black. At that point I turned the volume up, there’s no way anyone can support such a ridiculous accusation and if that’s where the caller was going then I wanted to hear the DJ set him straight. I thought for certain, he was going to remind the caller that sometimes people are just rude and it’s silly to connect that with Obama’s presidency, but he didn’t. I was shocked.

The caller just said that there seems to be more of that kind of attitude now. Amazingly, that WAS his point! And the DJ simply reinforced the accusation by summarizing that this black sense of privilege is just ridiculous. I couldn’t believe my ears! Maybe having come from California I’m not accustomed to the backward quirks that I keep hearing about in the south. Is there enough ignorance and stupidly among the black folks here to generate a prevailing sense of privilege because the president is black? I don’t really know for sure but my bet is that the black woman who pushed her way to the front of the line was simply a rude person and that the color of her skin, or the color of the president’s skin has absolutely nothing to do with it. But is there enough ignorance and stupidity here among the white conservatives to support such prejudice on public radio? Well, apparently there is, WBT just proved it beyond the shadow of any doubt. All that’s left is to wonder where it comes from. My bet is that the caller is some old-school good ‘ol boy who’s all bent out of shape because we have a black president and the DJ didn’t have the decency to question this accusation on public radio because he is just as prejudiced as the caller is.